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Resistance Machine Exercises

Below we explain exercises performed on gym equipment. Resistance machines are the pieces of equipment usually found in a gym which incorporate a weight stack and pulley system to provide resistance against a fixed movement.

They are excellent pieces of machinery for beginners especially, to help develop strength and co-ordination before progressing to free-weights. They are also effective for use in rehabilitation following injury.

When using a resistance machine, all movements should be slow and under control, maintaining an emphasis on technique and posture throughout. Inbetween repetitions the weight being lifted should not return to meet the rest of the stack. This maintains continuous tension on the muscle.

Arms strengthening

Chest Press

Pec Fly

Bicep Curl

Bench Press

Pull Over

Shoulder Press

Tricep Press

Assisted Dips

Back and Trunk exercises

Seated Row

Lat Pull Down

Assisted Chin-ups

Crunch Machine

Back Extension Machine

Leg strengthening

Knee Extension

Knee Curl

Leg Press

Inner Thigh (adductors)

Outer Thigh (abductors)

Seated Calf Raise

Standing Calf Raise


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