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Stretching Exercises

Here is a list of stretches for the entire body. Click on a stretch to view a picture, description, muscles being stretched and related injuries.

Neck Stretches

Lateral Neck Flexion

Forward Neck Flexion

Neck Rotation

Shoulder Stretches

Anterior Shoulder Stretch

Anterior Shoulder Stretch II

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

Posterior Shoulder Stretch II

Supraspinatus Stretch

External Rotation Stretch

Internal Rotation Stretch

Arm Stretches

Wrist Flexor Stretch

Wrist Extensor Stretch

Tennis Elbow Stretch

Triceps Stretch

Biceps Stretch

Chest Stretches

Chest Stretch

Chest stretch with a partner

Back Stretches

Lower Back Stretch

Latissimus Dorsi Stretch

Latissimus Dorsi Stretch II

Back Arch Stretch

Back Slump Stretch

Rotation Stretch

Stomach Stretches

Abdominal Stretch

Side Stretch

Hips & Groin

Gluteus Maximus Stretch

Outer Hip Stretch

Standing Outer Hip Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

Gluteal Stretch

Short Adductor Stretch

Long Adductor Stretch

Standing Groin Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

Thigh Stretches

Standing Quadriceps Stretch

Laying Quadriceps Stretch

Sitting Hamstring Stretch

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Partner Hamstring Stretch

Lower Leg Stretches

Shin Stretch

Standing Shin Stretch

Advanced Shin Stretch

Gastrocnemius Stretch

Advanced Gastrocnemius Stretch

Soleus Stretch

Soleus Stretch II

Advanced Soleus Stretch

Peroneal Stretch

Foot & Ankle

Plantar Fascia Stretch

Foot and Toe Stretch

Whole Body

Laying Reach


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