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100m / 200m Sprints

Everything you need to know about sprint training including the perfect sprint start and 52 week training schedules for different ability levels.

High Hurdles

High Hurdles explained, technique, lead leg drill, walking drill, trail leg drill.

Middle Distance

Everything you need to know about middle distance training and training schedules for different ability levels

The Long Jump

Long Jump technique explained as well as training methods and techniques.

High Jump

High Jump technique explained with free to view coaching tips and videos.

Pole Vault

The Shot Put

Linear and Rotational technique explained with dozens of free to view video drills.

The Discus

Step by step walk through of technique with free to view technique drills.

  • Discus Technique - Walk through of Discus technque broken down step by step.
  • Discus Drills - Discus training drills break the technique down into small manageable chunks.


International Javelin coach Tim Newenham explains the basics as well as how to spot some of the more common mistakes made by both beginners and advanced throwers.

Hammer Throw

Hammer technique explained with coaching drills and an interview with former National Hammer Coach Malcolm Fenton.


Strength and conditioning

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