Advanced 400m Sprint Training

A 52 week training programme suitable for an advanced level sprinter training approximately five times a week and who would be aiming to run 400m at 51.00 seconds (male) and 59.5 seconds (female).

Objectives and methodology: to develop aerobic capacity via light fartlek or steady continuous runs and relaxed repetition running; to  improve muscular endurance via circuit training; to progress limb speed and coordination via sprint drills; to increase range of mobility (ROM) via a twice-weekly home-worked flexibility routine


Objectives and methodology : to maintain aerobic capacity via steady runs on grass; to develop low-level anaerobic training by increasing intensity or duration of repetition runs; to develop muscular strength and  endurance via circuit training inc. free weight exercises; to increase range of mobility (ROM) via twice-weekly home-worked flexibility routine


Objectives and methodology: to develop speed and pace judgement through differential runs and fast relaxed repetition running ; to maintain strength endurance levels with reduced volume in mini-circuit training sessions; to develop competitive ability through time-recorded split runs; to increase range of mobility (ROM) via twice-weekly home-worked flexibility routine


The objectives and methodology of this phase represent a return to the aerobic base of earlier General Conditioning (see early-mid winter) and further development of the work introduced in the initial Specific Conditioning phase (see late winter); to develop elastic strength and special strength levels through low-medium intensity plyometric exercises and medicine ball resistance exercises.


Objectives and methodology: to  develop competitive ability through occasional competition or regular Timed trials (200m- 400m); to develop specific sprinting and event skills via bend running and rhythm runs; to maintain aerobic capacity through relaxed recovery runs and strides on grass; to develop starting ability through block rehearsal units; to increase range of mobility (ROM) via twice-weekly home-worked flexibility routine


Objectives and methodology: This phase represents an extension of the previous phase with reduced volume, increased but controlled effort in all runs and further timed trials as a  reliable indication of  improving pace judgement and speed endurance status, with relaxed recovery runs on grass to regenerate a sound aerobic base in a relaxed training environment; to develop ROM with twice-weekly home-worked flexibility routine.

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