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Junior Sprint Training Schedules

Below is an example of a sprint training programme which might be done by a Junior athlete training 3 times a week. It should be stressed that young athletes should be encouraged not to specialise too early and try a variety of events and training methods.

A 52 week training programme suitable for a junior sprinter training approximately three times a week who would be aiming to run 100m at 12.2 seconds (male); 13.2 seconds (female) and 200m at 24.5 seconds (male); 26.5 seconds (female).

Weeks 1 to 14 - Phase 1 Early to Mid Winter

Weeks 15 to 20 - Phase 2 Late Winter

Weeks 21 to 23 - Phase 3 Early Spring

Weeks 24 to 33 - Phase 4 Mid to Late Spring

Weeks 34 to 45 - Phase 5 Early to Mid Summer

Weeks 46 to 52 - Phase 6 Late Summer/Transition


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