Michael Walden

Mike is creator & CEO of TeachPE.com. He has a degree in Physical Education, Sports Science & Physics from Loughborough University, and is a qualified Teacher and Sports Injury Therapist.

Beginners 10K Training Schedule

This programme is designed for those who have some experience of running and are looking to complete their first 10K race. What you need to know Training takes place 4 days a week, with one day being a cross training day. You should already be able to jog for 20-30 minutes continuously. Cross training can …

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Beginners 5K Training Schedule

Running a 5K is a first target for new runners. You’ll get lots of motivation, as well as enjoyment, from participating in a race, and 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) is the perfect distance for first-timers. If you haven’t already had a physical, visit your doctor for a check-up to get the OK to start training. …

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Sprint Training Programs

Here we outline sprint training programs for short and long sprint races suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. Junior 100m/200m Sprint Training Program A 52-week training programme suitable for a junior sprinter training approximately three times a week who would be aiming to run 100m at 12.2 seconds (male); 13.2 seconds (female) and 200m …

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Synovial Joint Structure

Synovial joints are the most common type of joints in the human body. They enable a wide range of movement and all have the same basic structure. Ligaments The definition of a joint is where two bones meet. They are connected by ligaments, which are bands of strong fibrous tissue. The blood supply to ligaments …

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Rules Of Tennis

The standardisation of the rules of tennis is the responsibility of the ITF. Broadly speaking it is a very simple game to get to grips with. Here is a very basic beginners guide to the rules to help you get started: The Basics Tennis is played either 1v1 (singles) or 2v2 (doubles). The teams will be …

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Somatotypes describe how we have a genetic physical predisposition to a certain physic, fat to muscle ratio and stature. As a result, we require different training and nutritional demands. The three different body types are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. But what exactly do these terms mean? And how does it affect athletic performance and training goals? …

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Heart Rate & Cardiac Volumes

Here we explain heart rate, cardiac output, stroke volume, and how they change during physical exercise. Heart rate (HR) This is the number of times your heart beats during a particular time. It is usually measured by the number of beats per minute (bpm). During exercise heart rate increases to enable more blood (and therefore …

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Gaseous Exchange In The Lungs

Gaseous exchange refers to the process of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide moving between the lungs and blood. Here we explain how the structure of the Alveoli and blood vessels in the lungs facilitates this. Alveoli structure Air passes into the lungs via bronchi, bronchioles and then into Alveoli. These are individual hollow cavities contained within …

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Gaseous exchange in the lungs

Fluid Mechanics In Sport

Fluid mechanics or fluid dynamics comes into sport a lot and covers air resistance, drag, projectiles, spin on balls and Bernoulli principle and lift force. Spin Spin is created by applying a force that is off centre to the object being thrown (or kicked) at the point of release. The effects of spin are important …

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Bernouli sailing

Angular Motion In Biomechanics

Angular motion includes rotating bodies, levers, stability, moment of force/torque, axis of rotation, moment of inertia and angular momentum. Lever Systems A lever is a rigid bar that moves on a fixed point called the fulcrum when a force is applied to it. Movement is made possible in the human body by lever systems that …

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Angular motion