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Stress & Anxiety In Sport

The aim of this lesson is to understand what stress and anxiety are and how they are measured (Equivalent to UK A Level Physical Education). Stress in Sport ‘A stimulus resulting in arousal or a response to a specific situation’ Arousal – ‘A state of readiness to perform that helps motivate individuals’ Eustress – ‘A positive reaction …

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stress and anxiety

Stress Management In Sport

The aim of stress management in sport is to learn methods that can be used to help athletes to control stress and anxiety. Learning to cope with stress and anxiety is vital to an athlete who has to perform in high-pressure situations. The ability to control these feelings of nervousness and apprehension is vital to perform …

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Stress management in sport

Leadership & Sports Psychology

The aim of this lesson is to learn about the characteristics of strong leaders and the types of leadership styles. Leadership involves personal relationships, setting examples, the motivation of the team and encouragement of individuals. Leadership Qualities The trait theory suggests that leaders are born with their leadership qualities. The social learning theory states that leaders learn to use …

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Leadership in sport

Groups & Teams In Sport

The aim here is to understand the reasons for success and pitfalls involved in team sport participation (Equivalent to UK A Level Physical Education) Team: “Two or more persons interacting with one another and influencing each other” (Shaw, 1976) Group: “Has a collective identity, sharing a common purpose with structured communication patterns” (Carron, 1980) Group Performances The …

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Groups and teams sports psychology

Personality & Individual Differences

The aim of this lesson is to understand personality and individual differences between people. (Equivalent to UK A Level Physical Education). What is Personality? Personality can be defined in a number of ways, for example: The sum of an individual’s characteristics which make them unique The pattern of psychological characteristics that make each person unique …

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Memory & Skill Acquisition

This section looks at memory, it’s stores and methods to improve memory. (Equivalent to UK A Level Physical Education). Without memory, information processing, and skill learning are not possible. The memory is a complicated thing and the whole process of memorising a skill or event is not yet known. The following tries to explain the process …

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Sports Psychology Memory

Teaching Styles In Sport

This section looks at the different teaching styles and forms of guidance (Equivalent to UK A Level Physical Education). The styles of teaching that an instructor, coach or teacher adopts depends upon their own personality and ability, the activity and skill being taught, the learner’s ability, motivation, age, and the learning environment. Mosston and Ashworth Spectrum …

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Teaching styles