History Of Netball

The origins of netball lay in early versions of women’s basketball. Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, a Physical Education Instructor from Massachusetts, USA. It was soon picked up by Sendra Benson, a teacher at a nearby Women’s college who adapted the game for play by females. Women’s basketball quickly spread in popularity […]

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Netball Rules

The objective of a netball team is to score more goals than the opposition. A goal is scored through a successful shot into the opponent’s hoop. The team which scores the most goals wins the match! Games are split into 4 quarters, each lasting 15 minutes. Netball Court Netball is played on a court (either

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Netball Group Drills

Netball group drills involve larger groups of players in continuous drills. Ideal for warm-up, communication practice, and fitness. Chest Pass With 1 Ball The aim is to encourage good passing technique and timing of movement. Organisation: 8+ players and 1 ball. Players divide up on the corners of a square, use cones to mark this if necessary.

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Netball Whole Court Play

These Netball drills use the whole court encouraging groups of players to practice in a more game-specific situation. Banding 1 The aim is to encourage all players to participate in bringing the ball down the court. Organisation: 7 players working on the whole court, spaced in this area according to their position. GK starts with the

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Netball Defensive Play

Defensive play netball drills aim to develop team skills in pressuring attacking players and getting into positions which force the attacking team wide or into positions they cannot score. Centre Pass 1 The aim is to reduce the space of the attacking team at a centre pass, resulting in an interception. Organisation:   Goal Defence (GD)

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Netball Defensive Movement

Defensive movement drills work on intercepting the ball from a defending position and include face marking, slip step and more. Rebound The aim is to obtain possession of the ball from a missed shot. Organisation: Two players and two defenders around the area of the post. Player takes a shot whilst being second stage defended. The shot is

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Netball Attacking Drills

Netball attacking  drills aim to develop passing options from a centre pass. Players attempt to get the ball in a good position close to the edge of the semi circle in order to feed the shooter. Centre Pass 1 The aim is to practice different passing options at a centre pass. Organisation: 8 players – 4

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Netball Attacking Movement

Netball attacking movement drills aim to develop team play moving forward by giving the attacking players passing options. This is done by creating small sided games and practices. Double Lead Level 4 The aim is to provide passing options for attacking players. Organisation: 10 players, 1 ball. Players set up in similar formation but with

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Netball Handling Drills

The following drills focus on individual netball skills and ball handling including bounce pass, chest pass, hook pass, shoulder pass as well as bringing in the complication of a defender. Variety of Dishes and Hooks with a Defender The aim is to pass the ball in different ways, avoiding interference from a defender. Organisation: 2

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Netball Shooting Drills

The following 12 netball drills are aimed at improving shooting technique from a stationary position as well as using movement such as side steps, lunge and cut back. Stationary Technique The aim is to learn correct shooting technique in order to accurately and consistently score goals. Organisation: 1 post, 1 ball, 1 shooter. Take up

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