The aim of this lesson is to learn how someone's personality can affect a persons choice of sport and how associated aggression must be controlled (Equivalent to UK GCSE Physical Education)

Your personality can affect the type of sports you like and excel in. These are just general rules however, you may be an exception to the rule!

Personalities are often described by how introverted or extroverted the individual is.

  • Introverted people tend to be quiet and thoughtful
  • Extroverted people are more loud and excitable

You can, of course, be somewhere in-between these two extremes!

Whether you are more of an introvert or extrovert can affect the type of sport you like to play.

Introverts tend to like sports which require:

  • Concentration
  • Precision
  • Self-motivation
  • Intricate skills
  • Low arousal levels
  • Individual performances
  • For example, archery, golf, and snooker

Extroverts prefer sports which are:

  • Exciting
  • Team sports
  • Fast paced
  • High arousal levels
  • Large, simple motor skills
  • Low concentration
  • For example, rugby and boxing


Extroverted people are often involved in sports which require a degree of aggression. Aggression can be a negative, although as long as it is controlled, it can also become a positive. There are two types of aggression:

Indirect aggression

  • This means taking the aggression out on an object
  • For example the ball in golf, tennis or football

Direct aggression

  • The aggression is in the direction of another player
  • Involves physical contact such as a rugby tackle or in wrestling or boxing

Aggression can sometimes be the same as being assertive and determined, in non-contact sports especially, this is usually a good thing. In contact sports, aggression, if uncontrolled, can lead to rule breaking and injuring the opponent.