Here we have a number of simple question multiple choice quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding. The questions are pitched primarily at UK A level but many apply to GCSE or related courses of most levels.

Anatomy & Physiology Quizzes

Test your knowledge with our quizzes covering the skeleton and bones, muscles and muscle function, the circulatory system, respiratory system and energy systems of the body during exercise.

Skeleton & Bones Quizzes - multiple choice covering the bones of the skeleton, the spin, types of bones, planes of movement and joint actions.

Muscles quizzes - multiple choice covering muscle contraction, muscle structure as well as identify the muscle from its image.

Circulatory system - covering the heart and circulatory system.

Energy systems quizzes - covering anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, lactic acid, oxygen debt, and the digestive system.

Respiratory system quizzes - covering the lungs, gas exchange, breathing, VO2 max, and respiratory volumes.

Sports Psychology Quizzes

Sports Psychology quizzes covering skill acquisition, mental preparation, group dynamics, teamwork and individual differences in athletes.

Skill acquisition quizzes - all about how we learn skills covering theories of learning, skills and ability, memory, teaching methods, phases of learning and information processing.

Training & Fitness Quizzes

Training & Fitness Quizzes covering training theory and sports nutrition.

Sports Nutrition

Biomechanics Quizzes

Lever systems