Middle player passes the ball to an outside player who must come to meet the ball and return it. Repeats on opposite side.


Aim: To improve control and 1st touch

Suitable for: Under 9's and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 2 cones, 2 balls for 3 players

How: Outside players pass ball to central player who always comes to meet the ball. Outside players to make a movement away from ball and then comes in to meet it. Central player must take 2 or more touches.


  • This drill can be made more difficult by gradually Increasing tempo or speed.
  • Limit players to only two touches.
  • Outside players can serve the ball in the air for the central player to control with knee, head or chest.

Coaching Points

  • Concentrate on quality of 1st touch
  • Ensure body shape is correct.
  • First touch out of feet ready to return pass