Players stand in a circle and take it in turns dribbling it into a small coned area in the middle of the circle before passing it out.


Soccer dribbling drills

Aim: To improve dribbling technique

Suitable for: U7’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 4 cones, 1 ball

Organisation:  Players make a circle and one player starts with a ball. The player with the ball starts by dribbling to the centre box, changes direction then dribbles towards another player who advances to receive ball and dribbles towards centre box. Continuous practice.


  • Add more balls so 2 or 3 or more players are dribbling at the same time
  • Dribbling player and receiver exchange 2 passes before lay off
  • Encourage players to increase tempo

Coaching Points

  • What part of the boot to use
  • The distance the ball should be away from the dribblers feet
  • Head up / vision / awareness
  • Communication