Dribbling drill where players beat two opponents and shoot before coming back the other side dribbling through cones.  A continuous drill.

Soccer dribbling drills

Aim: To improve dribbling technique

Suitable for: U9’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 2 goals, 8 cones, 10 balls

Organisation:  Player dribbles towards stationery defenders and beats them with a trick (e.g. step over). The player then changes direction around centre cone and shoots. The player then sprints around the goal and picks up another ball, dribbles through the cones and shoots. Continuous practice.


  • Allow defenders to move, one at a time
  • Encourage players to use both feet
  • Encourage players to increase tempo
  • Add goalkeepers

Coaching Points

  • What part of the boot to use when dribbling
  • Different methods of beating a player 1 on 1
  • Head up / vision / awareness