Players dribble the ball around in a marked area aiming to turn their opponents cones over whilst keeping control of the ball.


Soccer dribbling drills

Aim: To improve dribbling technique

Suitable for: U7’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 6 cones, each player has a ball

Organisation: Players split in to 2 teams. Cones of 2 different colours are placed randomly around the area. On the coach’s command the players dribble with the ball and turn over as many of the opposition’s cones, whilst also turning back over their own cones and keeping control of the ball in 1 minute. Both sides can go at the same time. Continuous practice. The team with the least cones upside down wins.


  • Encourage players to increase tempo
  • Place cones around the outside of the area, when a player turns a cone over they must dribble around an outer cone before turning over another cone

Coaching Points

  • What part of the boot to use (inside for dribbling, outside when running with ball in open areas)
  • The distance the ball should be away from the dribblers feet
  • Head up / vision / awareness