Player receives the ball from one of three opposite players and must control and return it to a different player without a ball.


Aim: To improve control and 1st touch

Suitable for: U8’s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area, 2 balls for 4 players

Organisation:  3 players with 2 balls serve one working player. One server starts by passing the ball to working player who must control and pass to the server without a ball. Working player then commands ball from the other server with a ball. Continuous practice for 1 minute.


  • Increase tempo
  • Limit touches to 1 or 2, more emphasis on the quality on the 1st touch to get ball under control
  • Serving players can serve the ball in the air for control with knee, head or chest.
  • Vary distance between players

Coaching Points

  • Quality of 1st touch
  • Body shape / movement
  • Player alert and on their toes
  • Player to react to the flight of the ball