Players are arranged on 4 corners of a square. Two central players receive a pass, turn 180 degrees, pass then follow their pass to the back of the queue.

Aim: To improve passing technique

Suitable for: U9’s and upwards

Equipment: 1 ball between 4 players

Organisation: Player passes into the target player who receives the ball, turns 180 degrees and passes the ball to the opposite side. The target player then follows his pass and joins the back of the team. After making the first pass that player runs into the middle to be the target player. Continuous practice, when receiving the ball on the outside of the circle players must pass and follow. As the target player collect a pass, turn, pass and follow.


  • 2 touch / 1 touch
  • Change distance between players by increasing area
  • Increase tempo

Coaching Points

  • Accuracy of pass
  • Weight of pass
  • Communication
  • Vision and awareness of where the pass is coming from and going to
  • Direction of 1st touch

Save and print this drill as a pdf here.