High Jump

How to high jump. Here we explain the technique of high jumping as well as how to go from beginners scissor technique through to the more competitive Fosbury flop.

The High Jump comprises of three main elements: the approach; the takeoff and the bar rotation. A good approach to high jump coaching is to look at and work on these three elements individually. Here we explain in more detail the technical aspects of a Fosbury flop high jump technique.

This video takes us through the progressions of how to teach or learn the high jump starting with a basic scissor technique. This is progressed so the jumper lands on their back.

The Fosbury Flop was created by the American High Jumper Dick Fosbury who won a Gold Medal in the 1968 Summer Olympics and brought it to the world's attention. Here we outline the basic progressions a beginner would go through to learn the technique.

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