Long Jump

Long jump coach Denis Costello explains the basics of long jump technique as well as some simple training drills aimed at perfecting the technique and timing of jumping as well as developing plyometric leg strength.

Long jump technique

The long jump can be broken down into three (or four) phases. The approach. take off, (flight) and landing. International Long Jumper and Sky TV’s Gladiator Jenny Pacey explains the Long Jump.

Training drills

Long jump drills which are often done as part of a warm up for long jump or for practicing a specific element of training.

The take off

The long jump appears to be one of the simplest of all athletics events – you run fast and you jump. However, the event is a difficult one to get really good at and a lot more technical than many initially think. Elite Coach and author John Shepherd explains how to achieve the perfect Long Jump takeoff.

Long jump speed

The best long jumpers are great sprinters. A select few men have also combined 8.50m plus jumping with sub-10-second 100m running, such as the USA’s Carl Lewis, and an equally select few women have run sub-11-seconds and jumped 7 metres, such as Tianna Bartoletta, also from the USA. Although most coaches would love to have long jumpers with that amount of sprint speed, 100m times are not actually as relevant as may initially be thought.

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