A pole vault training program should not just consist of pole vault training but should also include sprint training, strength work and gymnastics. Pole vault coach Beth Harris explains the elements of a pole vault training program and how it should be arranged during the year.


The elements of a vaulters training programme specifically working on speed and running mechanics is very important. If the first part of the approach run and the run up isn't consistent and isn't strong enough to carry the weight of the pole as you're running this will effect the whole of the vault, so speed work and running mechanics are key. Core stability, strength and conditioning and basic general conditioning are also very important as well as vault technical training and gymnastic training.

A training year for a vaulter depends on weather they are going for two competition seasons (indoor and outdoor) or whether  just going for one competition season within a twelve month period.

Ultimately competition prep its very much the same as any athletic event in the way that you break it down into strength and speed doing 6 weeks blocks of different activities as you build into competition season.Start with breaking down the vault, working technically, working on short approach drills and mechanics while still maintaining full approach pole runs and running mechanics. Then gradually building into a longer run up, stiffer poles.


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