Sprint Starts

International Athlete, Sports Model and Presenter Jenny Pacey talks to TeachPE about her Sprint Start Technique. Reaction time, power and ability to accelerate are important factors along with dealing with nerves and distractions.



  • Begin in the blocks in a crouch position with the back knee on the ground and all the weight resting on the fingertips.
  • In the ‘set’ bring the hips up so that the body is in the loaded position.
  • Listen for the ‘B’ of the ‘BANG’ and launch out of the blocks at that point. Reaction time is vital.
  • For the first 10 metres aim to stay low, pumping the legs hard, keeping the eyes down at the ground and accelerating powerfully.
  • From 20 metres bring the body to more of an upright position.
  • By 30 metres the athlete should be running at full speed.
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