The aim is to improve net shots and footwork. Player 1 starts with a shuttle ready to hit a short serve. Player 2 waits to receive the serve and player 3 stands on the service line next to player 2 but on the other side of the center line.

Player 1 hits a short serve and player 2 plays a cross court net shot. Player 1 then reaches and returns this with a down the line net shot to player 3 who then hits a cross court net shot. Player 1 must move across again and return the shuttle to player 2 and the drill is repeated until a player misses a shot.

Swap roles and repeat the drill.


  • Hit backhand net shots
  • Allow players 2 and 3 to hit the net shots either cross court or down the line to keep player 1 guessing.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure grip, footwork and swing are correct.
  • Keep the serves low and short
  • Try and keep net shots inside the short service line and close to the top of the net.

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