The aim is to improve returns accuracy. 2 players are needed for this drill. Player 1 can start as the server with a few shuttles. Player 2 is the receiver. Use 4 targets, 1 in each corner of player 1's court.

Targets could be things such as boxes, hoops, buckets, or an upside down cone. Something that a shuttle can be caught in.

Player 1 hits a long serve in the direction of player 2. Player 2 returns the shuttle using a clear or a drop shot aiming for one of the four boxes. Player 1 hits 10 high serves. Player 1 can then hit 10 short serves and player 2 must aim for the targets with lifts and net shots.

Swap roles and repeat the drill, see who scores the most.


  • Make the targets smaller
  • Do it against the clock
  • Hit all returns on the backhand

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure the grip is correct
  • Hit the shuttle at the highest possible point
  • Watch for correct body and foot positioning

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