The aim is to improve strength and endurance in the racket arm. Leave the cover on the racket and practice playing clears, lifts, drops, smashes, drives, and net shots as normal.

This will make the racket arm stronger, which will give a player more power and enable them to play for longer before the arm begins to fatigue. This will make it harder to swing because of the added air resistance and weight. Play shots on both the forehand and backhand.


  • 2 players can try and hit a shuttle between them with the racket covers on. Stand close together as the shuttle probably wont travel very far. See how many times the shuttle can be hit consecutively.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure the wrist is cocked on the back swing.
  • Remember to reach as far as possible with the arm fully extended on every attempt to really feel the benefits.
  • Listen for the swishing sound when swinging the racket, if there is no sound try and swing faster.

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