The aim is to improve the net shot technique. 2 players are needed to perform this drill. Player 1 starts as a feeder and throws a shuttle over the net from one service line. Player 2 starts on the opposite service line, as the receiver.

As player 1 throws the shuttle player 2 steps towards the net with their dominant foot and plays a net shot with their racket arm outstretched.

Player 2 should aim to get the shuttle to land as close to the net as possible, but definitely before the short service line of player 1's court.

Hit 10 net shots and count how many land before the service line. Swap roles and repeat the drill, see who hit the most in the correct area.


  • Hit backhand net shots
  • Play a mini game between the two players just using from one short service line to the opposite one as the court. Players can only hit net shots. First player to 10 points wins. Score as in a normal game.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure grip, footwork and swing are correct
  • Take the shuttle at the highest point possible.

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