The aim is to improve a players overall game, all shots and techniques. Two players are needed here. Sequencing shots can be made as easy or as hard as players want. For example it can be done using just two shots

Something like a clear rally, or a net shot rally, or have 1 player hitting lifts and the other player hitting drops. These are simple sequences. To make it slightly harder add 1 or 2 more shots into the sequence. For example player 1 could hit a long serve to player 2, who then hits a clear. Player 1 could return this with a drop shot, then player 2 could hit a lift, which would effectively be starting the drill again with the roles reversed.

To make it even harder and really test the players fitness and memory add some more shots to the sequence. Player 1 could start with a short serve, player 2 could return this with a net shot. Then player 1 could play a lift, followed by a clear from player 2. Player 1 could follow this up with a drop shot. Then player 2 can start the drill over again with a net shot, and now the roles are reversed so each player gets to play all shots.

If both players are of good standard even try to incorporate the smash and block shots into the sequence.

These are only examples they can be adapted in any way. Keep hitting the same sequence of shots, if a player misses a shot start from the beginning.


  • Make it into a competition between the 2 players. Whichever player misses a shot or hits the wrong shot gives a point to the other player. First player to 10 points wins.

Coaching Points:

  • Make sure the grip, footwork and swing are correct
  • Take the shuttle at the highest point possible.

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