The aim is to improve control of the racket and shuttle.Use the handshake grip to hold the racket, and have the strings pointing at the ceiling. The palm of the racket hand should be facing up.

Start with the shuttle on the strings, swing the racket up quickly but not too far. This should throw the shuttle up in the air and the drill starts. Then keep swinging the racket up slightly to meet the dropping shuttle. It only needs to be hit about half a meter higher than the racket to start off with. Keep going until a shuttle is missed or for a couple of minutes.


  • Repeat it with the palm facing down. (backhand)
  • Then do alternately palm up, palm down.
  • Repeat it against the clock. 30 seconds.
  • Hit the shuttle up to about 1 meter higher than the racket.

Coaching Points:

  • Try to ensure the shuttle connects with the middle of the strings
  • Use the correct grip for both the forehand and backhand.
  • Keep both eyes on the shuttle at all times.

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