The aim is to improve both offensive and defensive play. 10 cones are placed around the 3 point line. Player 1 starts underneath the basket, in possession of the ball. Player 2 starts at the first cone closest to the corner.


Basketball One on One Drills

Player 1 passes the ball to player 2. Player 2 catches the ball and takes up the triple threat position. After player 1 has released the ball they run towards player 2, and touch player 2's hip, this starts the one-on-one duel. Play then continues until player 2 scores, or player 1 collects a rebound, or steals, or a foul is committed. Whichever player is fouled gets to keep the ball. When a basket is scored play moves to the next cone. Each basket scored counts as 1 point. The first player to 10 points wins the game.


  • Only allow the offensive player 3 dribbles.
  • Introduce a static player for offensive player to pass to.
  • Take away the touch of the hip, so player 2 can move as soon as the ball is caught.

Coaching Points

  • In a strong defensive position a player would have a wide base and knees slightly bent with arms out in font and palms facing forward towards opposing player or the ball.
  • Triple threat position - This gives the offensive player the option of shooting, passing, or dribbling. In this position the player should be able to see the basket and the defender. They should be standing with their knees flexed, feet shoulder width apart, with one slightly in front of the other, and weight on the back (pivot) foot. The ball should be up at chest height, with one hand behind it and the other on the side of it.
  • Make sure the offensive player drives at the defenders front foot.

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