The aim is to improve passing, receiving, dribbling, and the lay up.To start the drill player 1 stands on the back line in line with the basket. Player 2 starts in a wide position, in line with the top of the key. 

Player 1 passes the ball out to player 2, player 1 must then run around the outside of player 2 and towards the key at the other end. When player 2 catches the ball they start to dribble up the court to the foul line. Once at the foul line player 2 should pass the ball to the onrushing player 1, who attempts a lay up. Player 2 moves in to receive the rebound as player 1 continues underneath the basket and out wide to the top of the key, and the drill is then repeated with the players having swapped roles.


  • Increase speed of the drill
  • Use different passes
  • Use different shots

Coaching Points

  • Use the 'W' shape to catch the ball
  • Make sure players call for the ball.
  • When attempting the lay up make sure the non-shooting hand is under the ball, and the shooting hand is on top, keep the elbow in, lift shooting knee, and jump straight up off the other leg, extend arms, and release the ball at the highest point.

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