The aim is to improve passing, and receiving, shooting, and defending. This drill uses 3 players, player 1 starts with the ball underneath the basket. Players 2 and 3 start where the 3 point line meets the back line.

Players 2 and 3 then run forward in line with the end of the key, and player 1 has to decide whether to pass to player 2 or 3. Once the first pass has been made, all players stay in their lanes and keep passing the ball to each other as they move up the court. When either player 2 or 3 receive the ball in the other half of the court for the first time they dribble the ball towards the basket and attempt a lay up. However the player that isn't shooting has to try and get across the court and hustle the lay up. Player 1 collects any rebounds and the drill starts again.


  • Increase speed of the drill
  • Use different passes i.e. overhead and bounce passes.
  • Swap players positions so everyone completes all roles.

Coaching Points

  • When using the chest pass keep the elbows in, and the hands slightly behind the ball in a relaxed handshake position. Step in the direction of the pass then extend the knees, back and arms forward and release the ball. On the follow through arms should be extended, palms facing down and fingers pointing to the target.
  • The action of the overhead pass is very similar to that of the chest pass, except the ball should be held above the forehead, and just before release the wrist and fingers should be flexed to produce the power.
  • Again the action of the bounce pass is similar to the other 2 passes, however with the bounce pass, the ball should be held at waist level, and the ball should bounce about 2/3rds of the distance to the target.
  • When attempting the lay up make sure the non-shooting hand is under the ball, and the shooting hand is on top, keep the elbow in, lift shooting knee, and jump straight up off the other leg, extend arms, and release the ball at the highest point.
  • Use the 'W' shape to catch the ball
  • Make sure players call for the ball

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