Dribbling Drills

Kids soccer drills to focus on improving a players dribbling ability and close ball control. Many of these soccer training drills unlike passing drills can be done by young players practicing on their own. Aim to focus on quality and accuracy to begin with rather than speed and try to look up as often as possible to get used to being aware of other players.

Round To Score

Dribbling drill where players dribble around two opponents then finish with a shot to the goal.

Run & Compete

Players sprint round a cone and compete for the ball. More of a speed and tackling drill than a dribbling one.

Obstacle Course

Players dribble around a coned out obstacle course. You can get creative in how you mark out the course.

Straight Race

Players race to a cone and back then the next one and back keeping the ball under control.

Through The Cones

Football dribbling practice drill where players dribble the ball through cone gates keeping the baall under control.