Football Fitness, Speed and Agility

Fitness for football not only requires a high level of aerobic fitness to enable the player to keep going for 90+ minutes but speed and agility is also vital. The following drills aim to improve a footballers speed and agility.

Speed is an essential and very important part of football (soccer) player ability. From a players point of view if they are able to get to a 50-50 ball first, outsprint an attacker or go past a defender then they are more likely to go further in the game. However how many youth football managers devote even 10 minutes per session to improving speed? I will explain why I believe speed on the football field to be so important and which drills and training sessions can help improve it.

  • 2-3 days a week training
  • 2 day split whole body workout
  • Dynamic warm up drills
  • Concentrate on explosive concentric lifting speed

The multi stage fitness test is a very common way of estimating a players aerobic fitness. Players run backwards and forwards between two cones in time with a beep which gets increasingly quicker.

Football speed agility drill where the player runs as fast as they can around two cones in a figure of 8 pattern. The distance between the cones and number of reps can be varied.

Player runs from a centre cone forwards then returns to the cone backwards then repeats, alternating forwards and backwards running.

Football agility drill where the player runs quickly between two cones placed just 5m apart. They can run forwards, backwards, sideways and anyway they like.

Player runs around a square forwards, sideways, backwards, sideways and forwards. A continuous drill.