Two small teams compete for the ball in different areas aiming to finish with a headed goal.

Aim: To improve attacking and defensive heading techniques

Suitable for: U11ā€™s and upwards

Equipment: Marked area appropriate size for age, balls and cones

Organisation: Players set up as shown in diagram. Starting point is in the ā€˜Dā€™ on the edge of the penalty box. The ball is played in to Box 1 where 2 v 2 compete for the ball, which ever team can pass the ball out to box 3 become the attackers. The wide players dribble towards the goal line and cross the ball to box 2 where players are 1 v 1. As soon as play is stopped the server plays another ball in to box 1 and play continues. After 5 plays rotate players.

Soccer Heading Drills


  • Limit touches
  • Extend box 1 in to box 3, box 3 is now out of the penalty area

Coaching Points

  • Timing of the header
  • Direction of the header
  • Communication between the player and the server
  • Use the forehead, not the top of the head
  • Players to jump for the ball to take it at the earliest possible time
  • Player to attack the ball using upper back and neck for power