Improve your game

Improve your game with our hints and tips on training and play including how to build confidence, set play variations, taking penalties and pre season training.

How to be a better Striker in football. Work on the following aspects if you want to improve as a forward. Can you safely say you have all of them perfected?

A confident player will always perform better than a player low on confidence. One of the most important elements in delivering a successful soccer performance is the player’s level of self-confidence. There are many characteristics which reflect a player's confidence and this can be observed during training and games through their overall application, body language and verbal, hopefully encouraging comments towards team mates and coaching staff. The following points are key indicators to the coach / manager that a player is performing in a confident state.

The aim of pre season training is to slowly build fitness levels and gain match practice. By the time you play the first game of season you should have played at least 5 friendlies, but over playing before the season starts has to be taken in to consideration. Some form of weights work would be advantageous but a lack of facilities and equipment is always an issue meaning that this aspect of pre-season must be completed on a personal level. It is also important that the methods employed through pre-season continue through-out the season.

Set Pieces are an important element in any team's ability to score from the opportunities provided by corner kicks and free kicks. More than a third of all goals in the professional game are scored from set plays. The importance of set pieces cannot be overstated, football teams at all levels dedicate whole training days to set plays, repetitive practice, repeating the set plays over and over again until everybody knows their role in the move and the person with the responsibility of delivering the final ball is confident he / she will put the ball in the right area, that player may only have one chance in a match, there is no room for error.

Opposition fans on your back, begging for you to miss. The goalkeeper seemingly doubled in size from the last time you looked at him. The goal appearing to shrink smaller and smaller by the second. You're 12 yards away with one opponent in front of you. All you have to do is put the ball past him and you're a hero. Fail however and you will forever be remembered as the villain. Welcome to the nerve-shredding event that is a penalty kick. Many a football career has been defined by success or failure from the penalty spot, as Roberto Baggio, David Beckham, Eric Cantona or Matt Le Tissier would testify.