Passing Drills

The following soccer passing drills are aimed at developing a players passing ability and are suitable for players of all ages. It is important to focus on accuracy of pass as well as being aware of surrounding players.

Long Pass Brought Down

The player that starts with the ball plays a lofted pass to the furthest player. The receiving player should head, volley, chest & volley or control ball and pass to the player in the coned box, this player then controls, turns and passes the ball back to the starting player. Rotate players after 10 sets.

Either side - cones

Players pass the ball to each other either side of two cones in an anti clockwise direction or clockwise direction. An excellent football drill for using the first touch to change direction of the ball and create space.

1 In 1 Out

Players are arranged on 4 corners of a square. Two central players receive a pass, turn 180 degrees, pass then follow their pass to the back of the queue.

Simple 5m Pass

Players pass the ball between each other over a short distance. Ideal for beginners or easy warm ups.

Pass & Shoot

The striker plays the ball into the server who lays the ball off with a soft touch (inside of foot) for the striker to run on to and shoot. After 10 lay off’s change serving player.

Short & Long Pass

Four footballers stand in a rectangle and pass the ball in a zig-zag pattern across the short end then diagonally across for a longer pass.

Come To Meet The Ball

This soccer drill encourages players to come to meet the ball. A central player receives passes alternately from each side.

Circle Drill

Players make a circle, one player stands in the middle and calls for the ball from any player, controls and passes back to the same player then calls for the ball from another.

Backwards & Forwards

One players stays still while the other runs back and forwards between two cones receiving a pass each time he is at the cone nearest the first player.

Call To Receive

Half the players start with a ball, all players to jog around marked area, players without a ball can call for a pass to take possession. Start with a slow tempo.

In Number Order

Players are given a number and pass the ball to each other in number order.

Avoiding Obsticles

Players pass the ball backwards and forwars to each other aiming to get the ball between the gaps made by four cones.