The aim is to use a change of speed in order to outwit a defender.


Netball Attacking Movement

Organisation: 3 players – 1 worker, 1 shadowing defender and 1 feeder. The defender and worker start behind and to the side of the feeder. The feeder tosses the ball to themselves to start the drill. The worker runs forwards and then accelerates in to a sprint past the feeder and away from the defender in order to receive the ball unchallenged.

Coaching Points:

  • Use small steps and then suddenly drive forward or at an angle
  • Transfer weight forward on the balls of your feet in order to gain speed
  • Increase use of arms to assist with acceleration
  • Keep the body upright and back straight
  • Only bring your arms away from your body in order to receive the ball
  • Take the pass at speed, jumping to control the landing which should be in an upright, balanced position


  • Increase pressure from defender
  • Apply technique to a 3v3 game or other small game situations with conditions “every ball must be passed to someone who has used a change of pace