The aim is to provide passing options for attacking players.


Netball Attacking Movement

Organisation: 10 players, 1 ball. Players set up in similar formation but with an additional pair in the shooting circle, all 3 pairs being marked by 1 defender. The drill ends with a shot at goal before returning to the ball to other end of the court in order to start again.

Coaching Points:

  • Effective use of sprint and change direction technique to maximise success
  • Timing and accuracy of passes in relation to movement
  • Defender must make a clear move left or right to mark one of the attacking players
  • Release the ball quickly, incorporating a turn in the air to aid vision of the next pass


  • Static feeders/receivers can move to get the ball
  • Defenders increase intensity of pressure on each attacker
  • Attackers to use a variety of attacking moves to outwit the defender
  • Vary the starting positions so they are game related e.g. goal line throw-in, rebound, side line throw-in etc.