Footwork & Agility

Rugby footwork and agility drills demonstrate how to develop skills to side step, swerve, spin and offload the ball with the aim of avoiding tackles and keeping the ball moving. By practicing the footwork skills repeatedly in isolation or as part of a practice drill then eventually the movements become automatic and emerge naturally in a game situation.

This drill helps players practice the side step with the use of cones to help get their feet in the right place so eventually the skill becomes automatic.

The serve is another good way of avoiding a tackle and invovles the player trying to confuse the defender by using a cross over step. This drill uses cones to aid foot placement.

The spin technique involves the player making contact and then spining away from the tackle. It is practiced using tackle bags which the player must hit before spinning out.

This drill practices the spin technique to avoid a tackle with an offload to the next player who then spins out of a tackle pad to offload.

This drill progresses the spin technique so players have to spin in both directions making three or more hits in a row. Can also be used as a fitness drill.