This drill helps players practice the side step with the use of cones to help get their feet in the right place so eventually the skill becomes automatic.


Rugby Footwork Drills

Explanation: The sidestep is used to beat a defender by changing direction in an instant.

Description: The ball carrier must decide on the path they wish to attack. Then they need to start angling away from this path to create the space. Keep the ball in both hands, and watch the defender as they execute this move.

Once the ball carrier is ready, they plant the foot furthest from the direction they want to move (left foot if they are sidestepping to the right). At this time their weight should be shifted onto the planted foot.

As soon as the weight is on this leg the ball carrier should drive off it, shift their weight again, and go past the defender on the inside. Accelerate into the open space, and keep an eye out for support.