The serve is another good way of avoiding a tackle and invovles the player trying to confuse the defender by using a cross over step. This drill uses cones to aid foot placement.


Rugby Footwork Drills

Explanation: The swerve is most commonly used when a defender is about to make a tackle on the ball carrier, and they have no chance of using the sidestep.

Description: To execute the swerve the ball carrier must first move in close to the defender, and then change direction to take their legs away from the defenders outstretched arms. If the ball carrier is swerving to the right, they must use the outside of their left boot and the inside of their right boot to help them turn.

As the ball carrier swerves right, they hold the ball in their right hand away from the defender, and accelerate into the space. Then look for support or the opportunity to score.

Keep an eye on the defender throughout the movement.