Rugby Mauling Drills

The maul is often used when a team needs to regain control of the ball, or because the opposition has partially stopped the attack. A maul is also used to unsettle the defence, but it is important to keep the ball moving. The following drills help develop team mauling skills.


Rip The Ball

Explanation: This drill is used to teach players the technique of ripping the ball from an opposition.

Description: The hand should be placed on the top and bottom of the ball. The player should then pull downwards and pull the ball into his chest.

Bag Then Rip

Explanation: This is a game situation of mauling where the ball needs to be ripped off a teammate quickly.

Description: This is the basic technique of mauling. The ball carrier must hit the pad with his shoulder and turn slightly. The second man should go in with the other shoulder and firmly rip the ball.

Bag Then Rip – Advanced

Explanation: This drill is an advanced version of mauling where forward momentum is carried forward so that the opposition is driven backwards.

Description: The ball carrier’s first step must be very large and powerful. The second player should come in, secure the ball, bound to his teammate and drive forwards.

Bag Then Rip – Advanced 2

Explanation: This is an advanced mauling technique and involves four players.

Description: The first ball carrier takes the ball in making contact with the shoulder. The second ball carrier then comes in and rips the ball and attaches himself to the ball’s first player. Players three and four then come in and attach themselves to the first player. This is an effective position as now all four players are in a good driving position.

Bag Then Rip – 4 players

Explanation: This is a more complex mauling drill that adds more players to the situation. This makes it a more game-like practice. It adds more support players where players 3 and 4 bind over the ball carrier, to the hip and drive forward. It is important to remember in a maul that one player looks after the ball, while the rest protect the ball carrier.

Description: The ball carrier should take the ball into the maul at pace. Player 2 should enter the maul, rip and secure the ball from the carrier. Players 3 and 4 should then come in at the sides and bind on.

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