Rugby Warm-Up Drills

Warm-Up Drill 1

This rugby drill can be used either as a warm-up or to improve fitness. Players pass the ball whilst moving continually to a cone and back again. Accurate passing is important for this drill.


This warm-up drill is mainly used to warm up the arms, hands, and passes.

Key points – It helps practice “quick hands” and following passes. This also helps improve communication skills between the players. To progress this drill further add another ball. This will not only test the player’s ability to pass quickly but also their awareness.

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Either a warm-up or a fitness drill. Players cross over in the middle and keep moving once they have passed the ball.

This drill again can be used as a warm-up or for a fitness drill.

Key points – It helps to encourage players to keep moving after they have passed the ball to a suitable position where they will be of use, support the ball carrier, or receive the ball again.

Warm-Up Drill 2

Players take a step forwards then pass the ball on the move to their left, and then follow their pass. Can be reversed to practice passing to the right.

This drill encourages players to take a step forwards before passing the ball.

Key points – get the ball across the body, pass the ball with a high inside elbow when receiving the ball put your hands up for a target for the passer to pass to… Remember to follow the pass.

Basic Passing Drill 1

Another passing drill which focuses on passing on the move, passing accurately following your pass and is useful to improve communication skills between players.

This drill shows another passing warm-up drill.

Key points – It focuses on passing on the move, passing accurately, and following your pass and is useful to improve communication skills between players.

Warm-Up Drill 3

This is another good team passing warm-up drill designed to include fast hands to encourage good communication skills. The player follows their pass.

This is another warm-up drill that can be used to improve special awareness and handling ability.

Key points – have the hands ready, and give a soft pop pass. By adding more balls the drill can be made more challenging for more talented groups.

The Endurance Drill

Players pass the ball around a square performing a press-up after each pass. They must recover in time to receive the ball as it comes around again.

This drill can be used as a warm-up drill, or a drill to improve endurance and fitness levels.

Key points – It helps the players to learn to get off the ground as quickly as possible so they can receive the next pass. This is a fundamental skill to have in a game. This can also be used to practice passing.

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