Rules Organisation & Coaching

We explain how rugby is organised and how to get involved in coaching rugby. The difference between rugby league and rugby union, the history of rugby and common rugby injuries.

The distinction between 'Rugby Union' and 'Rugby League' is one that has created a fair amount of confusion over the years. In this section we will give you more information behind the inception of the two codes and their differences.

Rugby is a tough, competitive contact sport which involves players tackling each other head-on and using their full force to move the opposition. Contact occurs in scrums and rucks, as well as tackles on a player running with the ball.

The popular myth regarding the inception of the sport of rugby is the story of William Webb-Ellis. Legend goes that whilst a pupil at Rugby School in 1823, Webb-Ellis invented the game when he picked up a football and ran towards the opposition goal with it. The game of Rugby was then born - or so the story says.

Sports coaching is a very rewarding thing to do. It can help keep you fit, improve your social skills, and give you a genuine sense of achievement. It is also a popular way of staying involved with the game if you can no longer play yourself. Coaches play a crucial role in the development and growth of players at all levels, and without them, the knowledge and sport could be lost.