Rugby drills which introduce players to tackling and gradually build confidence. Beginners start with learning the basic techniques by doing a slow motion tackle from the knees. This is progressed to tackling on one knee, then standing through to one v one full contact tackling practices.

This is the most basic taclking drill which begins on two knees at a walking pace. Once players are confident with this side on technique they can progress to performing it at a faster pace.

This drill is a progression from the side on tackle. The tackler is now on one Knee which will prompt the tackler to put in more leg drive in the tackle.

This is the next progression in learning to tackle. The tackler attempts a tackle on one knee but with the attacker approaching front on. Correct technique is important to avoid injury.

This drill is a progression from tackling from knees. The tackler is now in the squat position which will enable them to put even more leg drive and power into the tackle.

Here the defender takles from the squat position with the attacker approaching from the side. This is a step up from tacking on one knee and allows more leg drive from the tackler.

The side tackle is used when the player in possession of the ball is running through a gap and gets horizontally in line with the defender.

This is a more advanced tackling drill where the attacker approaches front on and the defender tackles from the standing position.

This drill is a progression and training drill from the front on tackle. It involves practice for the tackler in his tackling technique but alos teaches the ball carrier how to present the ball after he has been tackled.