Our aim is to provide simple tennis drills and coaching that will teach players of all ages and abilities how to play tennis and develop game-specific techniques. Watch short coaching videos on various types of shots as well as tactics on the court.

Tennis Fun & Practice Games

Here we have a number of practice games or drills which can be played on a Tennis court as part of a coaching or training session.

Tennis Weight Training Plan

This is a seven-week weight training programme suitable for racket sports players in general. Players should aim to train twice a week with at least two days rest period in between.

Tennis Rules & History

Here we explain the rules of the game and equipment as well as a look at the history of Tennis. The Tennis Court: The length of an entire tennis court is 78 ft. Luckily it is separated by a net through the middle, so you only have to cover your half!

Tennis Grips & Stances

The basics of how to stand on the court and how to hold the racket, especially when preparing to receive the ball are explained here. Grips: Since the 1970s at least 3 new grips have been introduced and changed the game of tennis.

Tennis Doubles Strategies

Different formations can be used when playing doubles. Players must use the formation that best suits themselves but if it isn’t working then changing the formation can help cover weaknesses. The standard formation is where the player that is serving starts next to the center mark in the deuce court just behind the baseline.

Tennis Lobs & Overhead Shots

The lob is used to put the ball over an opponent’s head. Learn how to put topspin on to make the shot more efficient. Overhead shots include the smash.

Tennis Serve & Return Techniques

Here we focus on serving and returning a serve including topspin serve, slice serves, flat serve and thrust launch serve.

Tennis Attacking Shots

Attacking shots or offensive shots take the game to the opponent and put them under pressure or win points. Here we explain various options available including drop shots, line shots, and cross-court techniques.

Tennis Volleys

A volley is played when the ball is struck before it bounces. Specific shots include the high volley, low volley, backhand volley, approach volley, and drop volley. A half-volley is usually played defensively. Low Volley This shot can be used on forehand, backhand, and two-handed volleys.

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