Group Dynamics & Teamwork In Sport

Group dynamics and teamwork

Group dynamics and teamwork looks at how teams work together and the influence of others as well as leadership.


Social Influences

The aim of this lesson is to understand the effect our social environment and experiences have on our performance (Equivalent to UK A Level Physical Education) Watching others, family, peers, and role models and learning from their behaviour and experiences affects the way we perform and behave on a daily basis.


The aim of this lesson is to learn about the characteristics of strong leaders and the types of leadership styles. Leadership involves personal relationships, setting examples, motivating the team, and encouragement of individuals Leadership Qualities The trait theory suggests that leaders are born with their leadership qualities. The social learning theory states that leaders learn to use …

Groups & Teams

The aim here is to understand the reasons for success and pitfalls involved in team sport participation (Equivalent to UK A Level Physical Education) Team: “Two or more persons interacting with one another and influencing each other” (Shaw, 1976) Group: “Has a collective identity, sharing a common purpose with structured communication patterns”.

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