Beth Harris

Beth Harris is a Level 4 Pole Vault Coach

Pole Vault – Choosing a Pole

Pole Vault coach Beth Harris explains how to choose the right pole for you. This will depend on your bodyweight, strength and technical ability. There are also specific rules for pole vault competitions to avoid injury. Initially when learning to vault you need to learn on a straight, stiff pole to make sure you can …

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Pole Vault Technique & Training

The basics of technique, common pole vaulitng errors that beginners and more advanced vaulters alike make including take off refusal problems. We also look at the elements of a pole vault training program as well as how to choose the right equipment. Pole Vault technique Beth Harris Level 4 Pole Vault Coach explains the perfect …

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Pole Vault Developing Bend

Developing bend in the pole is one of the most difficult things for beginners. The following drills explain how to resist the pole and develop bend. Contrary to what some people believe and often what it looks like a bendy pole does not ‘spring’ the vaulter off the top but rather allows them to hold …

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Pole Vault Plant & Take Off

The plant is very important. If you get this wrong the rest of the vault will likely go wrong. It is important for the athlete to keep their head looking up, not down at the box, as in athletic movements the body follows the head. Both hands should be pushing the pole up above the …

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Pole Vault Approach Drills

The following drills aim to improve the approach or run up. Staying relaxed and gradually increasing speed to a maximum controllable take off speed is what we are trying to achieve as well as being as efficient as possible. Standing Pole Vault drills The approach or run up should enable the vaulter to run as …

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