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Badminton Coaching Videos

Our aim is to provide simple badminton drills and coaching that will teach players of all ages and abilities how to play badminton, and develop game specific techniques. Simply click any of the links below for explanations, information and coaching videos.

Badminton Coaching - Specific Shots


Badminton Coaching - Grips & Footwork





Strategy and tactics


Badminton Coaching - Strategies and Tactics

Matches are often won and lost by tactics, rather than ability. This section covers some different effective strategies to help you win more matches!

Badminton Drills


Badminton Practice Drills

Improve your gameplay by using the drills in this section. Each drill focuses on seperate skills, and will help you improve your game. Practice makes perfect!



A-Level PE

Questions on the analysis of performance for badminton. Includes worksheet to download.

Badminton Rackets and Equipment Explained

  • Badminton Rackets - Your guide to choosing the right badminton racket for you.

  • Shuttlecocks - The advantages and disadvantages of different types of badminton shuttlecocks.

  • Badminton Shoes & Clothing - Not sure what to wear for badminton? Here is your guide to badminton shoes and clothing.

  • The Badminton Court - How big is the court? Which lines do we use? Find all this information and more, in this section.


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