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Free Basketball Coaching & Drills

Our aim is to provide simple basketball drills and coaching that will teach players of all ages and abilities how to play basketball, and develop game specific techniques. Simply click any of the links below for explanations, information and coaching videos.

Basketball Coaching & Drills - Shooting



Basketball Coaching & Drills - Passing


Basketball Coaching & Drills - Ball Handling Drills



Basketball Coaching & Drills - Defence Drills



Basketball - One On One Drills



Basketball Leagues & Organisation Explained




Index Pages

Improving Your Shooting Ability

The passing section will help improve first touch on the ball, control of the ball and passing ability.

Improving your Passing Ability

The dribbling section aims to improve your first touch, and control when moving in possession of the ball.

Ball Handling

The ball handling section will help improve control of the ball, enabling a player to move it faster.

Passing Drills and Practices

The passing section aims to improve your passing ability, ranging from short to long passes. We have 8 free to veiw passing drills on site.

Shooting Drills

The shooting section will improve your handling, control of the ball, and shooting accuracy.

Defence Drills

The Defence section will help improve your game when you do not have possession of the ball.

One to One


* Basketball Leagues & Organisation Explained




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