Rotational Shot Drills Set 4

Rotational shot set 4 is simply one drill which is done in a continuous shuttle run across the gym. The thrower must stop in a controlled manor at the point where the throw would be begun, but should not release the throw.


Shuttle run stop and hold

Aim: To develop core movement


  • Use a soft ball that is around the size of the individuals age-related shot with the weight no more than 1kg
  • Start in a run through position
  • Right-handed thrower will step forward over the left foot to land on right foot
  • The left leg is then pushed back underneath the athlete’s torso so that athlete lands in a braced standing throw position i.e. stop at the end of each movement
  • Athlete should finish in a controlled position
  • Do not deliver on this drill
  • Repeat 3-5 times each set

Coaching points:

  • Make sure timing is 1,2-3
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