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Bones Of The Skull

The human skull contains 22 bones. The cranium comprises 8 bones and the other 14 form the lower front of the skull including the facial bones. Anatomy of the Skull Bones of the Cranium The Frontal bone is one of the major cranial bones. It comprises the forehead (squama frontalis) and the upper orbit of …

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Bones of the skull

Shoulder Girdle Muscles

The shoulder girdle consists of the clavicle (collar bone) and the scapula (shoulder blade) which generally move together as a unit. Only the clavicle connects directly to the rest of the skeleton at the sternum bone. It is really only the scapula that moves from the action of the muscles. Serratus anterior The Serratus Anterior …

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Shoulder girdle muscles

Types Of Bones

There are 5 types of bones in the human body. These are long bones, short bones, flat bones, irregular bones, and sesamoid bones. Here we outline the different types of bones in the human body and explain where they are found. Long Bones Long bones are some of the longest bones in the body, such as …

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Types of bone

Types Of Joints

A joint is a point where two or more bones meet. There are three main types of joints; Fibrous (immovable), Cartilaginous (partially moveable) and the Synovial (freely moveable) joint. Fibrous Joints This type of joint is also called synarthrodial. It is held together by just a ligament. Examples are where the teeth are held to …

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Types of joint

Bone Structure

Bone structure consists of a number of layers. These include the periosteum, compact bone, spongy bone and an inner core of bone marrow. Here we explain the anatomy of bone and the function of each part. It is important for bones to be strong to support our body weight. In some cases, their main function …

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Structure of bone

The Human Skeleton

The human skeleton is made up of 206 bones. The functions of the skeleton are to provide support, give our bodies shape, provide protection to other systems and organs of the body, to provide attachments for muscles, to produce movement and to produce red blood cells. The main bones of the human skeleton are: The …

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Human skeleton